не выбрала.

я так и не выбрала с кем быть. люблю двоих парней. но встречатся с двумя не могу. наверное  откажу обоим. сердце из-за этого выбора болит. НЕ ЗНАЮ, ЧТО ДЕЛАТЬ. А ВЫ ЧТО ДУМАЕТЕ.

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My decision

I have no unambiguous solution. I love the two guys,but to choose one of them with whom I be I can not.  so, and walk in doubt. I love two guy,but can't choose. My solution so far is to wait a couple of days. Then maybe everything will become clear.

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A difficult choice

I liked the two guys. One guy I know of three months. Another guy I know two weeks. Sympathy for these guys have a couple of days ago. In one moment, I realized that I like two guys. I'm attracted to one and another. One guy is cute,funny and with it I easy to communicate. Another romantic,nice and plays the guitar.  These two guys are very good.  I don't know whom to choose. 

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